Mentorship Volunteering

Congratulations on taking the step to giving of your time to help a woman in business. We as KZNWIB salute your generosity, and thank you for helping us to improve the prospects of women in our province.

mentor-processThe mentoring process

The mentoring process comprises four essential steps.

  1. Establishing a relationship, clarifying roles and expectations;
  2. Setting goals;
  3. Working towards those goals; and
  4. Reflecting on the progress and insights gained


Take particular note of the following:

  • Mentorship is only open to fully paid up members of KZNWIB and members of the PWC Faranani Project
  • Building rapport between mentor and mentee is vital. It creates an environment for support, open and honest communication, trust and confidentiality.
  • Setting up clear boundaries for the relationship between mentor and mentee is about establishing what each party has agreed to do and what each party will not do. The mentoring commitment agreement (page 4) must be signed by both mentor and mentee and returned to the KZN WIB Mentoring Co-ordinator. In addition to this, both parties are required to provide feedback to the MCO after the final (third) session.
  • Focus on the mentee’s priorities when setting goals
  • We have compiled some tools that will help in the process. Please take a look at this mentoring tools post to find out more.

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