Mentorship Introduction

KZN Women in Business is a registered NPO (151-748 NPO) that aims to be an effective and accountable women’s networking organisation through the referral and offering of women-owned products / services / skills to all businesses in all market sectors, contributing significantly to the economy of our city, our province and our country.

One of the ways in which we can further develop our skills and therefore our respective sectors, is through sharing knowledge and experience through mentoring. Such a process benefits both the mentor (reflecting and embedding wisdom) and the mentee (learning, absorbing and applying knowledge and skills in a safe space).

A network of mentors

KZNWIB offers a network of mentors to its members to enhance and support their development as a professional or an entrepreneur. The mentoring programme involves the direct transference of skills from a mentor to a mentee over three (3) sessions. The mentee owns both the goals and the process.