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Co-working Spaces Catch On

An article in The Mercury newspaper (18 May 2018) stated that worldwide there were 14 411 co-working spaces. Several of those 14-odd thousand are right here in Durban North and Umhlanga it would seem. One such example is ‘The Meeting Place’, situated in Kensington Boulevard, Durban North. The Meeting Place offers a mix of office…

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How to survive the Holiday Season: Separated or Divorced Families

The holiday season can cause much unnecessary conflict between separated and divorced spouses or split families. Navigating the holidays can be a very emotional time, whether it is your first or your fifteenth Christmas, sharing your time with your children. A good divorce settlement agreement or parenting plan should have clear and specific guidelines for…

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The Power of Purpose

Your business is the VEHICLE through which you will fulfill your life purpose. And just like you, it has a living heart and soul, absorbing the thoughts and feelings of every person or entity that engages with it. Being out of alignment with your business makes it virtually impossible for it to reach its full…

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Domestic Violence – Applying for An Urgent Interim Protection Order

Protection against domestic violence is a human right. It is founded on several human rights in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa,1996 (the Constitution). Section 10 provides that “everyone has an inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected”. This includes both physical and psychological respect to one’s dignity.…

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How to Overcome Cash Flow Challenges

A lack of cash flow is a very quick way to destroy a business! No Cash = No Business. A lack of cash flow or a poor cash flow is a major cause of stress for many business owners. It is important to note however, that poor cash flow is a symptom and is not…

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Glassophobia or Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking phobia? Most people have experienced it to lesser or greater degree but it’s difficult to imagine that it might be considered a phobia. Afterall, we live in a fast paced, career centred world driven by ambitious, successful and confident individuals. The statistics speak for themselves.   It is said that up to 75% of…

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