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Are you a woman in business in KZN? Looking for networking opportunities, business support, and interaction with other business women? KZN Women in Business is the organisation for you!

Founded in 1995, KZNWIB is a non-profit organisation that offers emotional and business support to women seeking personal and business growth. From the first-time entrepreneur to the professional executive, KZNWIB provides a platform for growth through our monthly networking meetings and regular charity events.

Our monthly meetings are held in Durban on the first Thursday of every month. You are welcome to attend a maximum of two meetings as a guest (non-member), thereafter you are required to become a member. This meeting offers KZNWIB members:

  • Regular networking opportunities
  • Promotional gifts / offers
  • Space to display your products and services
  • Fundraising activities to support our chosen charity
  • Presentations and workshops by guest speakers and industry partners



Join this ever-expanding group of dynamic, supportive women. Find out what you can expect as a member, and submit your application today.



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The KZNWIB 2020-2021 Committee

2020 Committee

(Left to Right): Senta Duffield, Tracy-lee Galloway, Tilanie Grote, Sue St Leger, Jacks Warner, Karen Stark, Nicci Hosking, Shelley Kreinacke, Cali Pretorius, Bianca Johnson, and Vaneshiri Pillay.



What is the name of your business and what is your role? Nanuja Photobooks and Albums – Director responsible for marketing, administration, design and photo organization. Describe your business in two sentences. Nanuja helps people “share memories” by helping them organize their photos and then present them in handcrafted photobooks or albums How long have…

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NETWORKING grew my Confidence

I left the manufacturing industry as a Stores and Procurement Manager in 2011, working in a male dominated environment where the main conversational language on the floor was Zulu. The men simply got on with their work and socialising was not an option. I generally moved between my office and the HR office, crossing the…

Never doubt the significance of the details – life doesn’t happen by co-incidence!

I think I joined KZN Women in Business in about 2002 when Belinda Davies was the Chairlady, and served on the committee under her guidance and business leadership. Meetings were smaller and more organic than they are these days, but it was the same intimate approach to fostering good business practices and support for one…

Five Business Lessons from Emma Jacobs, Owner of Westville B&B, Durban.

Chase your passion, not the big bucks Owning your own business is hard. Do something you love and the money will naturally follow. People see your passion for what you do and it is infectious. If you focus on the outcome of money, the input of dedicated, customer-focused, hard work is sometimes overlooked. Sincerity of…

Sourcing Suppliers through KZNWIB

  When I joined KZNWIB, I believed that it was about me finding customers. It did not occur to me, that as an Entrepreneur, I need Suppliers who can do what I need done in my business. I did however know, that I like to do business with people I know and trust. I had…

Using your KZNWIB Network to (unexpectedly) help Others

  I have been a member of KZNWIB since 2013, and it is my go-to place for building business relationships. But, an unexpected spin-off has been, that the monthly networking meetings have provided me with a platform for my altruistic motives. KZNWIB has a chosen charity that they adopt for a period of time, and…

How to DIY your website

Something many businesswomen consider when they are investigating their website needs is going the route of doing a DIY WordPress website but most don’t know where to start and get overwhelmed.  Here’s a checklist for you, as well as some sage words of advise. First, consider the full cost of attempting DIY yourself before investing a…

Introvert, Extrovert …Personality affects your Work behaviour

In dealing with various clients and giving feedback to assessment participants over the years, one comment has been made time after time “…but I am different at home than I am at work and it also depends on the situation.” Our personality can affect and influence all aspects of our performance and how we react…

So, you want to turn your house into a B&B?

Here’s a broad run-down of what is needed to run your business legally: To run any business from a residential business, not just a B&B, you need to apply for, and receive Special Consent. This is done through your local Town Planning Office. It involves getting neighbours’ consent, and complying with Municipality’s requirements regarding, health…

Guest Blogging On KZNWIB

Do you consider yourself an expert in your industry? Do you like to educate an audience on your field of expertise? Can you write a piece of content that doesn’t put everyone on the Internet to sleep? If you answered yes to the above questions, then you should really consider becoming a guest blogger for…

iThemba Lethu – Our Charity – The unfolding story 2016

Please share in the sheer joy of celebrating all that our chosen charity iThemba Lethu achieved in 2016. Please click here to see the 2016 story.