2023 Charity Voting

This is your opportunity to vote for the Charity the organisation will support for the next term. You need to be logged in to the site as we only allow a single vote per member, and only members may vote. The order of the nominees is also randomised per member, making it as fair as possible!

If you nominated a charity and they do not appear here, then they were not eligible. If you require more information in this regard, please email [email protected].

Voting will close 28 October 2022 so please make sure your successful submission is received before then.

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More Information about the charities:

This list is alphabetical

Celebrate life SA Logo

Celebrate Life


Celebrate Life SA continues to make a huge impact in rural communities uplifting women with the Ubuntu Microbakery Project. This charity empowers women to start their own bakeries, provide their communities with bread and also to generate wealth. I have been involved with Celebrate for a number of years, the CEO is Cherry Armstrong and it is amazing to see her zest and passion for making a difference within the rural communities. This is one of the most sustainable projects that I know. In terms of the work of KZNWIB the beneficiaries of this charity are all women and as we always say women supporting women can do great things and it would therefore be very fitting to support this charity in 2023!!


Center for Rehabilitation of Wildlife


They provide such an important role in our society. Both with regards to rehabilitating wild animals to go back to the wild and by taking care of urban wildlife that have had to adjust to living alongside humans. They rely completely on volunteers and donations and would be an excellent fit for our charity of choice.

Expose Hope Logo

Expose HOPE (253-676 NPO)

Facebook Page

Human Trafficking is the true worldwide pandemic. Expose Hope offers love and dignity to +/-300 young girls, women and children who are trapped within the sex trafficking industry right here in Durban. I am nominating them as our charity for two reasons. One, they are desperate for funds to continue to do their incredible work and two, it is imperative that we, women of Durban, are not only aware of but are actively involved in helping to put an end to the Human Trafficking that happens in our neighbourhoods daily.

Feral Cat Rescue Trust Logo


Facebook Page

Feral Cat Rescue is a woman run trust and Public Benefit Organization that was established and registered by Tracy Hartley. Its primary aim has been to improve the lives and well-being of feral cat colonies throughout the city through a process of sterilization known as Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR). They sterilize an average of twenty cats a week and have homed over 1000 cats and kittens over the last 23 years. They are currently feeding 15 feral colonies directly (around 65 cats a day). They supply food to low-income families for around 80 cats. Please nominate them 🙂

Genesis Hope Logo

Genesis Hope South Africa


Based in Port Shepstone, in a low income area, local support is desperately needed for the many social and cultural upliftement projects that address the surrounding communities, affected by the challenges of abject poverty. Unlike big cities, where the support of individuals and companies is much more readily available, Genesis Hope South Africa is in need of willing and passionate partners. Their mission really resonates with me: 'Raising leaders through Care, Education and Social Justice to bring meaningful and lasting change to our surrounding communities.'

Hearts In Hands Logo

Hearts in Hands Foodbank


This amazing initiative was started by local business owner, Tracey Klokie. With a real heart for the community, Tracey has created an organisation that is so much more than a Food Bank. Apart from supporting feeding schemes, they have also refurbished a creche and have recently launched a book drive.

The Highway Hospice Logo

Highway Hospice


They help terminally ill people who suffer great pain. These people would otherwise have to suffer much more because hospitals don't take them, and the medication they need at the end is not given to people that are not in hospital. Cancer is a dreadful disease that attacks the young and the old.

I Learn To Live Logo

I Learn to Live – Ngifundela Ukuphila


Founded by Ashling McCarthy who is also the Programme Manager.
Ashling believes every child deserves an opportunity to create a meaningful, fulfilling and significant life. By providing rural children between Empagnei and eShowe with access to programmes focused on levelling the playing field in technology and STEM education, she’s excited to see their future unfold.

KZNWIB Charity Logos

Likhon iThemba


Likhon Ithemba is a KZN based female-run organisation with a stronghold of over 17 staff empowering women and children in our community. As part of the Likhon iThemba umbrella, their main project is the HOLAH baby and special needs home. They are the only crisis care facility for special needs children in KZN and currently have 8 special needs children in their care and 3 babies. Other projects include the Vikela baby savers whereby a mother can safely surrender her baby, their Bowl of Plenty project where they currently feed over 120 children daily, and the Charity HOP shop which assists with bringing in an income.


Reach 316


Reach 316 is 100% female-led and 100% black-owned. Their GIRL EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME is one I thought would be close to KZNWIB's heart. It is committed to ensuring that girls and young women receive a comprehensive, high-quality education. Through public-private partnerships, they equip girls and young women with relevant knowledge and skills, support them in their transitions into adulthood and the workforce, and enable them to participate fully in society. They are dedicated to enhancing the lives of adolescent girls, women, children, the elderly, and families affected by poverty, unemployment, gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS, and natural disasters. Their vision is to build a society in which families and communities are socially and economically empowered in sustainable development.


SPCA - Durban & Coast Branch


If you could see the look in a dog or cat's eyes after either being abandoned by their owners; left hurt or starving at home (some at the end of a chain) or the fear of being stuck in a manhole waiting to be rescued, you would understand why the Durban & Coast SPCA need your support. They work for the lost, abandoned, frightened and abused animals of Durban & the North Coast. They love and care for animals, they fight for justice, they are the voice for the voiceless. Help them be that voice. They are local, they have a member in KZNWIB and I know that my donations will be put to excellent use.

Tafta Logo

Tafta -The Association for the Aged


Tafta, established in 1958, provides care and support to over 1,500 older people in residential facilities (fit, assisted living and frail care), and a further 3,500 through outreach (Social Services, Wellness Activities, Meals on Wheels and Home-Based Care programmes) at 24 service locations in the forms of homes, clubs and wellness centres. While we continue to provide this support, we pursue our purpose to make dignity, growth and meaningful life a realistic prospect for all elders. Tafta will be turning 65 next year and it would be a real honour to be nominated and celebrate this milestone as the Charity for KZNWIB for 2023.

Youth Education & Support Trust Logo

YES Trust


The Youth Education and Support Trust (YES) is an NPO whose aim is to support students at Tertiary level who have little or no means of academic funding.  The students are all allocated mentors who offer them emotional support on each of their individual journeys towards independence.  The needs are varied and range from accommodation and tuition fees to food, tech support and transport.  Without assistance many of our talented young people simply would not have the means to pursue their dreams.