KZN Young Women in Business

KZNYWIB is a platform designed to encourage young women, from Grade 8 (approx. age 14) to Grade 12 (age 18), to join KZNWIB, and to learn from our membership of experienced businesswomen what it takes to succeed as a businesswoman. The young women will be able to attend formal meetings during their school holidays, and be part of our networking on a formal level. On top of this, we aim to arrange separate workshops designed around the specific needs of these young women, to help them learn and grow, to give them skills they would not otherwise be exposed to. These workshops will happen outside of the meeting space, and will be scheduled at times that are more convenient to the young ladies. We are very excited about this platform, as it is the first of its kind in KZN, and we know it will strengthen the legacy of our organization, and empower the young women who will certainly follow after us.


What is KZNYWIB About?

  • To further promote KZNWIB as the leading networking organization for women
  • To grow KZNWIB by offeringanother reason to be a member
  • To provide a platform to allow young women to feel comfortable in a room of business women
  • To provide an opportunity for young women to be exposed to a number of different charity organisations
  • To provide an opportunity for young women to be exposed to a number of different career options
  • To showcase the strength of women supporting women to young women
  • To break down barriers of women in business to women at a young age
  • To expose young women to business skills at a young age
  • To teach young women to build relationships with other women in business from an early age – i.e. – build trust
  • To assist young women to grow their confidence in public speaking
  • To assist young women in networking skills
  • To grow a core of Young Women in Business to take on possible projects under the KZNWIB banner
  • We propose that the age group be from Grade 8 – Grade 12
  • Membership is restricted to those young ladies who have a relative who is a member
  • The cost of the KZNYWIB membership be R200 per young lady until she reaches 18 years old, or leaves school
  • Each young lady will receive a membership certificate and a badge to wear at the meetings
  • Attendance at meetings would only be possible during school holidays
  • Bookings for meetings be as per normal members

Interested in signing up? Grade 8-12 girls only.

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