2023 Charity Tafta

Inspiring Active Ageing


KZNWIB has selected Tafta as their charity to support in 2023 following a nomination and voting process open to all members. All profits made during the financial year are donated to the organisation. Below is information on the association and their needs as well as ways in which KZNWIB can support them.

About  Tafta

Established in 1958, Tafta provides care and support to over 1,500 older people in residential facilities (fit, assisted living and frail care), and a further 3,500 through outreach (Social Services, Meals on Wheels and Home Based Care programmes) at 24 service locations in the forms of homes, clubs and wellness centers. While we continue to provide this support we pursue our purpose to make dignity, growth and meaningful life a realistic prospect for all elders.


To find out more on how you can assist the organisation, click here or feel free to contact:

Susanne Ramsunder: [email protected]