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Networking Tips

Top tips to start a business

You’ve been thinking of starting a business for some time now, but given the tough economic climate you’re understandably hesitant about getting started.. Still, that brilliant product or service isn’t going to get out into the great big world by itself. There’s no better time than the present to bite the bullet and get going.…

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Get your Free Excel Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Using excel to run your business? This Free Excel Shortcut cheat sheet will allow you to: Learn over 60 time saving shortcuts Increase your efficiency in Excel Save you both time and money Work like an Excel Power user …and a lot more! Once you download and start working with these Excel Shortcuts you won’t…

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5 Tips for Microsoft Excel

Do you want to work faster, better and smarter using Microsoft Excel? Here’s a roundup of the top 5 tips, based on how many of you clicked on the links to view them: How to quickly delete blank rows in a worksheet. When working in Excel you probably have had to deal with removing blank…

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The Entrepreneur Competition

This is a great opportunity for all Entrepreneurs, enter now! The Entrepreneur Competition is designed to provide entrepreneurs with a platform and vehicle through which to move their businesses forward to sustainable growth levels. Such businesses should exhibit creativity, innovation, growth potential and sustainability. The competition provides an opportunity for these entrepreneurs to gain the…

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Top Tips for Preparing For Your Annual Income Tax Return Submission

Yes ladies it’s that time of the year again, Income Tax returns season starts next month Not sure whether you must submit an Income Tax Return (ITR12)? Click here to find out. Top 4 Tips for Preparing For Your Annual Income Tax Return Submission The 2014 yearend tax filing season is upon us starting from…

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