Brenda Craig
4 Prince Street, South Beach, Durban
Marketing and Donor Liaison
An NPO for the disabled

To provide service and support to the disabled from all communities.

Environmental education in Malawi
6 Lynden, 97 Lambert Road, Durban
Blue Sky Society Trust
Blue Sky Society Trust(BSST) is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to conservation, wildlife protection, community upliftment, and ecotourism in Africa. We believe that every act of kindness can have a positive ripple effect, and even the smallest contribution can make a big difference. Our mission is to protect, preserve, and improve life for people, wildlife, and communities in need.

Our philosophy is that by working together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. There are infinite opportunities to make a meaningful difference – which is why we want to partner with organisations to work towards building a better world.

If your customers, employees, or shareholders have causes that they care about, let’s work together to find the right initiative which aligns with your company values, and helps you meet your business and bottom line objectives.

1. BEE Scorecard points towards Socio-Economic Development (SED) Points
2. Tax 18A certificate (100% deductible)
3. BSST will project manage any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project from start to finish.
4. Helping corporates achieve success and fulfilment with proficient CSR Projects
5. Employee engagement, helping increase staff collaboration and morale.
6. Positive publicity, helping build brand loyalty with your clients

Consumers want to support companies that are associated with a good cause, and employees want to work for socially-responsible companies. We can help you with both.
Sponsorship, fundraising, and donations are crucial to our success, and we have several projects and initiatives that need support.

An outline of some options that will benefit both of our organisations are detailed below for your consideration. These are by no means exhaustive, and a collaboration together could manifest on any number of levels – which we are willing to explore in more detail should you wish to partner with us…

BSST is an accredited NPO and PBO. Should you wish to contribute through funding, sponsoring, or donating to BSST, you will receive tax deduction privileges under Section 18A of the Act for supporting an NPO.

Tanya Fleischer
2 Willowfield Crescent, Springfield Park
Durban & Coast SPCA
Marketing Manager
Our mission is to improve the welfare of and to prevent the cruelty to all animals in the greater Durban and North Coast areas.

We achieve our mission by responding to reports of cruelty, rescuing and treating animals, sheltering stray and unwanted animals, providing subsidised veterinary care for underprivileged or pensioned pet owners and educating the public about responsible pet ownership.