Shanisha Pro Pic
  1. What is the name of your business and what is your role? The name of the business is Paradigm Packaging (Pty) Ltd. I am the Brand Manager of the company
  2. Describe your business in two sentences. Paradigm manufactures and supplies SCHUTZ 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers, as a packaging solution for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid filling products. There are three aspects to our business 1] manufacture of new IBC’s 2] collection and refurbishment of used IBC’s and 3] buyback of used IBC’s
  3. How long have you been in business? The company has been in business since 16 May 2006… 14 years!
  4. How did you get into this business? I was recruited for my sales expertise gained over 10 years in the  pharmaceutical sales industry. I was initially appointed
    as the National Sales Manager, and have now branched into Brand Management
  5. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it? The biggest challenge has been the supply and demand of the industrial packaging industry. We overcame this by adjusting process and shortening lead times
  6. What single trait/skill could you not have succeeded without? Perseverance
  7. What is the best business advice you’ve received? Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!
  8. Your secret to business success is? Uncompromised customer service and selling a product renowned for its quality.
  9. What is your business goal for 2020? To increase visibility and market knowledge of 1000L IBC’s
  10. Tell us one thing that not many people know about you? I love a good cup of green tea!