Being the (role) Model Mom

I started my business 15 years ago when my daughter was just two months old, and my son only two. Looking back, we were probably nuts trying to raise an infant and toddler in a new business, (especially a Hospitality business!) but at the time, it seemed the most natural thing to do. As Moms, we juggle many balls, but looking back, there has been a very important ball that was in the mix, that just could not be dropped … the one of being a strong female role model to our daughter.

I wanted my daughter to know that:

  • hard work is needed to be successful,
  • only you define your success and that it is relative to your life stage,
  • if you put your mind to something you can achieve it, no matter how daunting,
  • running your own business is an option in the South African context, that creating jobs is a social obligation,
  • and that having your own path in life, is what sets you apart from those who merely follow.

Over her 15 years, my daughter has seen our business win multiple awards, seen her mother earn a black belt in karate (which she started as a novice just before she turned 40), start a new career as an artist at 45, be actively involved in training and providing opportunities to over 47 International Hotel School Students, assist countless charities directly through prizes for fundraisers, cash and kind, become a committee member for KZN Women in Business, serve as a Minister of Hospitality at our church, and this is all above and beyond being her mother.

Over her 15years, I have seen her grow into a beautiful young lady who is very different to her mother. Sound principles, wise choices and varied interests. She is bright and skilled, and finding her way in life, just as I am at 48!

So many of us wonder if our parents are proud of us. It should be the other way around. Are our children proud of us? If the answer to this is a resounding YES, then you may well have done your job as a good role model to your daughter!


Emma Jacobs

Emma Jacobs


Westville B&B and 18 Burlington B&B and Conference Venue

Emma has been in Hospitality since 2003, and before that was in Corporate Training & Development. She graduated with a BA in Languages and Human Resources, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Organisation & Management from the University on Cape Town. They have five children, and Emma’s hobbies include Karate, Knitting, and Oil Painting.



Sue St Leger

Owner of Sue St Leger & Associates
Sue St Leger & Associates

Sue St.Leger, owner of Sue St Leger & Associates, shares her personal tips and thoughts on the importance of women supporting other women in business, leadership and networking. As an experienced profiler and emotional intelligence assessor, she encourages fostering a supportive and empowering environment for women through self-development.

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