2017 AGM Minutes

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2017 – 19th January 2018 

  1. Welcome & Apologies 

Melanie welcomed everyone to the AGM and thanked them for making the time to attend. Emma Jacobs was thanked for the use of her premises. Karen Brokensha, Lesley Forbes, Tasha Jardim, Claudette Lingenfelder, Senta Duffield, Chantal Edouard-Betsy sent their apologies.

  1. Notice of meeting 

The AGM was announced at the November monthly meeting and a specific mailer was also sent out to the KZNWIB database in December 2017 informing and inviting ladies to attend the meeting.

  1. Approval of previous minutes 

Melanie read through the previous year’s minutes and they were voted as accurate.

  1. Chairman Report
  • Membership Dec 2016 = 152 and Dec 2017 = 153. This is a negligible increase
  • Raised 100 000 in 2017 for Ithemba Lethu
  • Profits were driven by lower spending, not paying for the Mums Mail High Tea table for the Committee and hiring Alice to organize the year end breakfast which resulted in good sales of tickets, advertising
  • Monthly breakfasts continue to be well attended although we did find quite a few meetings in 2017 were not fully booked.
  • Workshop programme was not as successful in 2017, with few of the workshops being fully attended. This will need to be evaluated by the incoming committee
  • The organization is now fully tax compliant, and the Section 18a application is currently underway.
  • Mentoring programme continues and has had positive feedback
  1. Treasurer Report

MJ Chartered Accountants assisted with compiling the Annual Accounts for the organisation for 2017.  Melissa Jacobs went through the Annual Financial Statements, giving details of the income and expenses that have been incurred during the last year.  The financial loss in 2017 of R26,546 is explained by the R60,000 that was paid to iThemba Lethu. Income increased from 2016 but so did the expenses and the December meeting income was lower than the previous year.

  1. General 

6.1. The reviewed and amended terms 11 and 12 in the Constitution that relate to dispute resolution were tabled. A vote was passed and approved to amend the Constitution in this regard.

6.2 The Constitution referred to a Treasurer and an Administrator whereas we have only an Administrator. The vote was taken to amend the Constitution to remove the term Treasurer and assign those powers to the Administrator.

6.3 It was decided that when a member elects not to renew their membership, a questionnaire should be sent to them to determine why they are not renewing. The Committee will decide how this is to be actioned.

6.4 The challenges of the networking slot were discussed. No consensus was reached but it was decided that the incoming Committee will endevour to make this time more beneficial & better understood for both existing members and first time visitors.

  1. Vote of thanks and Closure

Melanie thanked everybody for attending the AGM. The meeting finished at approximately 10h30.



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