Sourcing Suppliers through KZNWIB


When I joined KZNWIB, I believed that it was about me finding customers. It did not occur to me, that as an Entrepreneur, I need Suppliers who can do what I need done in my business. I did however know, that I like to do business with people I know and trust. I had underestimated that KZNWIB was where I would find my own personal “Yellow Pages”.

Being a Business Owner can be lonely. So, having an extensive network of Business Women who you know personally, provides you with an awesome opportunity to find the people you need to help you in your business.

Whether you need a financial advisor, a website developer, a graphic designer, a photographer, a belly dance teacher, a recruiter, a caterer, a psychometrist, a homeopath, florist, a lawyer, an event planner … the chances are good that the KZNWIB network, can connect you to a such a person.

Building relationships over time is what it is all about.  You never know when you will need a banner a personalized mug, digital marketing expertise, or a great B&B and Conference Venue!

Each month, we receive a meeting list of who is at that meeting to use during the networking section.  If you have a particular need, listen out for it in the Networking section, or request it in your 30-second slot.

Nicci Hosking is our friendly and über-efficient Administrator, so if our Member’s Directory cannot give you the who’s who in KZNWIB, then Nicci can help!

It has personally given me such peace-of-mind to support the people in our network. If I need to apply for my children’s passports, knowing Sue Davidson from BunnyHop, means that I can ask my mate who I have known for four years for help. I would rather pay someone I know and trust to help me, than have to try and Google a random, unqualified stranger.

Likewise, I too have become a tried and tested Supplier to people in our KZNWIB network.



Emma Jacobs


Westville B&B and 18 Burlington B&B and Conference Venue

Emma has been in Hospitality since 2003, and before that was in Corporate Training & Development. She graduated with a BA in Languages and Human Resources, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Organisation & Management from the University on Cape Town. They have five children, and Emma’s hobbies include Karate, Knitting, and Oil Painting.



Sue St Leger

Owner of Sue St Leger & Associates
Sue St Leger & Associates

Sue St.Leger, owner of Sue St Leger & Associates, shares her personal tips and thoughts on the importance of women supporting other women in business, leadership and networking. As an experienced profiler and emotional intelligence assessor, she encourages fostering a supportive and empowering environment for women through self-development.

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