Top 5 Free Programs & downloads from Sage Pastel that will help you manage your business and your money

1.  Sage Pastel My money.
Manage your personal finances online, for free!
Why use Pastel My Money?

  • Track your spending:  Use our expense categories or add your own. Pastel My Money will remember these every time to help you analyse your expenses.
  • Control your budget:  Easily create a budget based on your historical spending. Compare your actual spending to your budget so that you know what is left.
  • Get total visibility:  See all your bank balances and transactions in one place. With Pastel My Money you finally get the entire picture.
  • Reach your goals:  See how your spending decisions affect how much you have left each month. You will know what you can do today to save more tomorrow.


2) Sage One accounting 30 day FREE trial
Simple and Secure Online Accounting
The freedom to run your business anywhere, anytime.
From Pastel, the leader in accounting software.

3)  Sage One Payroll 30 day Free TRIAL
Simple and Secure Online Payroll
Brought to you by Sage Pastel and VIP.
Pay your employees anywhere anytime.

4) Tax Guide 2015/2016
A complete reference guide covering legislative matters that affect the payroll practitioner in South Africa

Sage Pastel have a SARS compliant online travel logbook allows you to keep track of your travel claims throughout the year and view a summary at the end of the tax year. All you need to do is simply enter your kilometers travelled, destination details and rate of reimbursement, easy!



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Sue St Leger & Associates

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