Women, divorce and marriage contracts

It is said that nearly half of all marriages in South Africa end in divorce. And this figure might be conservative! Unfortunately divorce usually goes hand in hand with great unhappiness about the way in which the assets the two parties have built up over the years should be divided.

A few tips for women

  • Take part in financial decision making in your marriage right from the start. Too many women leave financial matters in their husband’s hands. And so-called homemakers in particular could suffer as a result of this when their marriage comes to an end and they discover that their husbands have disposed of their assets over the years by, for example, selling these to a family trust.
  • Make sure you understand how your medical scheme cover works. After a divorce the children are usually taken care of. But the wife could be pushed aside and might have to take out her own medical insurance or healthcare product. You might realise suddenly that you are no longer covered by the medical scheme to which your family belonged.
  • If the father pays maintenance, the order is usually not binding on his estate. So make sure it is included in the divorce order and thus made binding on his estate.
  • Be careful with your finances after the divorce. Stress could make you spend money and forget about the future. Consult a qualified adviser and draw up a budget and financial plan that will protect your future and that of your children after the divorce.
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