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Business Advice

Five Business Lessons from Emma Jacobs, Owner of Westville B&B, Durban.

Chase your passion, not the big bucks Owning your own business is hard. Do something you love and the money will naturally follow. People see your passion for what you do and it is infectious. If you focus on the outcome of money, the input of dedicated, customer-focused, hard work is sometimes overlooked. Sincerity of…

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Sourcing Suppliers through KZNWIB

When I joined KZNWIB, I believed that it was about me finding customers. It did not occur to me, that as an Entrepreneur, I need Suppliers who can do what I need done in my business. I did however know, that I like to do business with people I know and trust. I had underestimated…

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Cultivating A Company Culture That Millennials Love

The millennial generation is an enigma. They are a mysterious generation that either frustrates or excites you. As a generation, they have massive potential, however, Millennials are often left unguided in organisations because they confuse older generations. Basically, corporate organisations, and even small Boomer orientated businesses, find it hard to unlock the potential in Millennials.…

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Using your KZNWIB Network to (unexpectedly) help Others

I have been a member of KZNWIB since 2013, and it is my go-to place for building business relationships. But, an unexpected spin-off has been, that the monthly networking meetings have provided me with a platform for my altruistic motives. KZNWIB has a chosen charity that they adopt for a period of time, and through…

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How to DIY your website

Something many businesswomen consider when they are investigating their website needs is going the route of doing a DIY WordPress website but most don’t know where to start and get overwhelmed.  Here’s a checklist for you, as well as some sage words of advise. First, consider the full cost of attempting DIY yourself before investing a…

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