Candice Schwegmann
Shandee Virtual Assistants
Owner & Virtual Assistant
Through innovative ideas and streamlined processes we will provide cost effective and efficient solutions for all admin planning and execution. Maintaining a strong, professional relationship that will always exceed our clients’ expectations – we get the job done!

Shandee Virtual Assistants is a Durban based office support company that strives to be extraordinary by providing administrative support of the highest calibre to organizations big and small, as well as individuals needing that extra hand. We take on your time-consuming bookkeeping, admin and marketing tasks, allowing you to focus on core income generating activity.

We are passionate about Social Media and can help you to manage your Social Media Pages, this will save you time as we all know how easy it is to get “lost” online. We work closely with your marketing team and ensure that your online presence is in line with you and your brand. Let us create your posts and share them across the different platforms. We can answer your comments and share your posts…Engagement is key! It’s an exciting world online,investing your time, energy and resources into social media, but its only worth it when you see some form of ROI. Wouldn’t you agree?
So why Shandee Virtual Assistants:-
1. We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective and efficient Social Media & Admin Managers.
2. We ensure that all content is relevant and based on research and indepth client liasing sessions. In other words we don’t just post arbitory “nonsense”!
3. We provide honesty, integrity and openness in all we do.
4. We embrace innovation to meet all challenges.
5. We are a small, committed, dedicated team who thrive on providing exceptional service to our clients.
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