Skills Development / Training

Daryl Williams
95a Horseshoe Crescent, Waterfall
Developing and delivering bespoke / customised development programs, tools and resources. Improving individual and team effectiveness through training, coaching, engagement/dialogue, addressing skills, mindset and ways of working. And producing awesome videos.

For individual personal / professional development:
• Public workshops (personal growth, transitioning into leadership, strategic planning) – these are run a regular intervals during the year, currently only available in Durban
• 1on1 coaching / mentoring – at least 3 sessions, using a strengths-based approach, drawing on Appreciative Inquiry principles

For SMEs / NPOs / Schools:
• Strategic / Growth / Change planning – this is a consultative, collaborative process that results in a 2-5 year long range plan, with clear 6-monthly / annual strategic or operational objectives and milestones
• In-house training programs that are customized in line with your context and skill requirements: Customer Service (both frontline and backroom staff), Designed 4 Greatness (personal and professional development), Power of Calm (stress and lifestyle management / improvement) and Emerging Leaders (for those transitioning into leadership / supervisory / management positions)

For Medium / Large Organisations:
• Bespoke learning and development programs, tools and resources
• Train-the-Trainer programs to support implementation of bespoke programs
• Culture by Design – designing and building desired culture and ways of working through employee and management engagement
• Appreciative Inquiry
• Alignment workshops and forums

Janet Finch
PO Box 1205
Fresh Eyes Communication
We get you from talking to communicating, from hearing to listening, and all other communication-related skills.

Fresh Eyes Communication believes that SOFT skills build STRONG brands. With over 25 years’ experience in the communication industry at large, Fresh Eyes is perfectly positioned to assess, assist and up-skill individuals, teams and corporates in order to build both personal and corporate brands. A range of interactive half- and full day workshops utilise Fresh Eyes’ unique facilitation approach to ensure maximum benefit and learning for all participants.

Nelisiwe Mkhize
2 Dundee road
New Germany

Sanda Skills Development
Managing Director
Provide different customised training for accredited and non accredited courses.

We believe in inclusion, therefore we do not provide our customers what they do not require. We do needs analysis before, and after the training.

Tracy-Lee Sydney-Smith
303 Gray’s Inn Road, Bluff

Kip McGrath Education Centre Umhlanga and Bluff
Professional Tuition in maths, English and Afrikaans. We also provide school readiness, study skills, IQ development and essay writing courses.

It is believed that every child can be helped to achieve with continuous motivation and a healthy boost of his or her self confidence. Every child is tested free of charge to see exactly where his or her problems lie. The children who enroll are placed on a programme designed at a level where they are able to cope. The qualified teacher leads them through a graded programme step by step through more complex work until they have reached the level of their present grade. The Kip McGrath system helps the child at the root of the problem and is founded on individualised attention and personal care. The programme brings peace of mind to many concerned parents. Parents who bring their children to the Kip McGrath Education Centres are grateful to have found someone who can help correct their child’s problems.