Organisational / Personal Development

Janene Laas
95 Buxton Rd
Durban North
Janene Laas Consulting
Organisational Transformation and Employee Experience Specialist

JL Consulting (JLC) is an organisational transformation and development specialist consultancy with a mission to support positive change and growth in organisations though building solutions that focus on the development of people and process optimisation.

At JLC we use an organisational transformation model and processes that enables business leaders to foster an organisational culture that supports positive employee experiences that enables extraordinary customer experiences for their clients.

We assist in the optimisation of the following areas relevant to the business’ needs:
• Employee experience audit to understand current gaps
• Processes for the attraction and recruitment of employees
• Effective on-boarding processes for new employees
• Development and implementation of an employee engagement and communication strategy
• Leadership development and coaching
• Team learning, development and performance management activities
• Development and implementation of an employee retention strategy
• Development and/or alignment of all processes and procedures related to people optimisation

Sue St.Leger-Stretch
42 Blue Gum Crescent, Gillitts
Sue St.Leger
Transforming organisations through targeted people development

My passion is people and organisational development and I adopt a holistic approach to ensure maximum organisational effectiveness and transformation. As a highly skilled HR professional, I have experience in all aspects of Human Capital Management including Selection and Recruitment, Learning and Development, Performance and Talent Management, as well as policy and procedure development and implementation. As an experienced global team facilitator, Change Management Practitioner and accredited trainer, I believe strongly in the coupling of Project Management fundamentals with Change Management principles to ensure the success of projects through teamwork. In order for businesses to survive and thrive in this VUCA world, they need to be agile, adaptable and teachable. This means they need to select and develop those identified talented individuals who have the capacity to excel in the uncertain, challenging business environment through accurate assessment tools and targeted people and leadership development. This ensures transactional managers evolve to being transformational and are equipped to effectively lead their organisations into the future