Senta Duffield
The Maya Company
I am the founder of a globally recognised Middle Eastern Dance studio called The Maya Company. It’s a supportive community of dancers (from beginners to professionals), where the focus is on educating women on Middle Eastern dance culture, and movement through belly dancing classes, online programs and tours to Egypt.

I’m also an author of a book called “Dancing with your Skeletons” published internationally through Balboa Press, and Self-published in South Africa. As an expert on Middle Eastern Dance and Dance Healing, I offer dance master classes, coaching, choreography and public speaking.

I believe that through Dance & Movement, woman heal and can have a better life. So my focus is on giving them a thorough Middle Eastern Dance Education, where (while as a part of the dance studio community) they can enjoy dancing and are continually encouraged to challenge themselves. Embraced with positivity, reassurance and support to become the best dancer and person they can be.