2016 AGM Minutes

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2016 – 24th January 2017


  1. Welcome & Apologies

Tina welcomed everyone to the AGM and thanked them for making the time to attend.  Senta Duffield was thanked for the use of her premises. Tasha Jardim and Sonja du Toit sent their apologies.


  1. Notice of meeting

The AGM was announced at the December monthly meeting and a specific mailer was also sent out to the KZNWIB database on the 14th December 2016 informing and inviting ladies to attend the meeting.


  1. Approval of previous minutes

Melanie read through the previous year’s minutes and they were voted as accurate.


  1. Chairman Report
  • Membership Dec 2015 = 121 and Dec 2016 = 152. This is a 26% increase year-on-year
  • Raised R55 000 in 2016 for Ithemba Lethu
  • Monthly breakfasts continue to be well attended.
  • Workshop programme has been a success in that it is definitely giving our members added value. However we will need to increase the cost of the workshop to R100 to ensure that we do not make a financial loss on the events
  • The new website platform was launched and has been generally well received.
  • Mentoring programme continues and has had positive feedback


  1. Treasurer Report

MJ Accounting assisted with compiling the Annual Accounts for the organisation for 2016.  Melissa Jacobs from HDI, went through the Annual Financial Statements, giving details of the income and expenses that have been incurred during the last year.  The financial loss in 2016 of R28 233 is explained by the R22 500 that was paid to the 2015 charity (The Open Door Crisis Care Centre) in the 2016 financial year. The loss in 2016 balances out the R27 508 profit reported in 2015.


  1. General


6.1. It was noted that the period of time a charity is ineligible for nomination following their term is not outlined in the Constitution. A vote was passed and approved to amend the Constitution in this regard to allow a charity to stand for nomination after two terms (4 years) have passed after they have served their term.

6.2  The point was raised that it is traditional that a Chairperson not sit on the Committee again following her term. A vote was taken and passed that the Chairperson can stand for election to the Committee after two terms (4 years) have passed after their term. However, the Chairperson may only hold the office of Chairperson once. The vote was taken to amend the Constitution accordingly.


  1. Vote of thanks and Closure

Melanie thanked everybody for attending the AGM.  The meeting finished at approximately 10h30.